Private client
2018 – 2021
Cruise Platform
Digital User Experience in one of the most complex and extreme condition: the sea

We designed a whole management system for a yacht and its tender, able to run on multiple devices in real-time, actively involving all the users in the access of information and for a pleasant and innovative management and entertainment experience.

Cruise Platform is a custom innovative multi-platform solution to approach the organisation of a yacht trip. With a special focus on the infotainment system, the platform allows many functions – from monitoring and visualising fleet data, to creating itineraries and gathering photos and videos, or monitoring well being biometrics data of both crew and guests. Always in a functional and entertaining way.

A tailor-made, flexible and user-friendly system

Cruise Platform is designed to be intuitive and conceived to live on different devices (from touch screens to mobile devices) while maintaining a high degree of graphic consistency and User Experience. The system easily adapts to the special needs that are specific to the sailing environments, both for the crew members and for the guests.

A CMS for a seamless experience

The custom CMS has enabled digitisation of processes that crew members used to do manually, such as planning and modifying the itinerary, or automatically generating a photo album of the most memorable moments. It allows also to share in advance different trip proposals to the shipowner, and to analyze the data trip at the end of the journey.

An ecosystem of features for a personalised experience

Cruise Platform is characterised by an easy-to-use interface and provides a vast amount of features and modules, such as: planning a journey and easily sharing it with the shipowner, adding personal information to stops; managing photos, video and events; browsing wind forecasts and sea temperature; checking the real-time position of the boats and the air quality of the rooms. An indoor positioning system allows a more efficient safety environment, yet wearable devices check on the wellbeing status of the crew.

Sharing the experience on multiple screens

Thanks to the paring mode it is possible to replicate the content from an app to external screens, allowing users to share the map, the itinerary with photos and videos, along with all the features of Cruise Platform with guests.

The beauty of data
Cruise Platform holds a module entirely dedicated to the aesthetic visualisation of data, such as wind strength and direction, seabed depth and water temperature. A simple and elegant way to combine information and entertainment.
Custom hardware solutions
A special 3D printed day/night camera has been designed to be integrated within the boat and characterised by an high level of control setting and able to resist in extreme weather conditions. It has been also installed an indoor positioning system.
The challenge
The instability of the internet connection in the sailing world requires vessels to host a whole technological infrastructure. To communicate and exchange information within the fleet, the yacht and the tender need to be close and connected. Cruise Platform allows a smart and seamless communication system that guarantee a high level of data consistency.
  • UX-UI
  • Data visualization
  • Information Design
Digital User Experience Design by Dotdotdot
Laura Dellamotta
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Mirko Balducci
Michele Invernizzi
Ernesto Voltaggio
Daniele Ciminieri
Luigi Rocca
Simone Bacchini
Davide Bonafede
Daniela Grimaldi
Tiziano Berti
Photography by
Perini Navi