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Lecture in Sound Design with Marco Fringuellino

09 April 2024 - Dotdotdot
Lecture “How to design acoustic spaces”
How to design acoustic spaces with Marco Fringuellino
Objectives of the training
The task is to provide a scientific base and an initial technical competence on the subject.
Obviously, it is impossible to become an acoustic designer in one afternoon, but the aim is to allow you to avoid big mistakes due to total ignorance of acoustics, and to enable you to understand what may be necessary for the space to have the desired sound and intelligibility of the words and when it will be necessary to bring an acoustic consultant into the architectural design team.
Furthermore, a second objective is to provide initial knowledge of the various acoustic phenomena involving materials and installation methods.
Dott. Marco Fringuellino graduated in theoretical physics at the University of Turin, Italy (vote 110/110 Praise and Mention).
He also graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Turin, Italy. He has worked for several years as researcher at the national metrology institute INRIM in Turin.
He is university professor of Room Acoustics, Acoustics of Musical Instruments, History of Contemporary Music at the International University SAE Creative Media Institute (Milan headquarters, Italy) adherent to the Italian AFAM system in Milan and Adjunct professor at III Facoltà di Ingegneria (Information Engineering) of the Turin Politecnico.
He is COMPETENT TECHNICIAN IN ACOUSTICS – Professional register ENTECA n° 4628 (National list of Competent Technicians in Acoustics). His professional experience range over designer of recording studios and expert about pro audio acoustic, to acoustic consultant of various companies.
He collaborated with the Trebeschi Acoustic Engineering Studio of Brescia for the design of the ESPINAS theater in Tehran in Iran. He is co-author of 3 books of acoustics published in Italy and has several publications on scientific journals and congressional communications.
He also performs as a pianist concert activity.
Format: Lecture
4 hours lecture.
Program breakdown
  • Basic acoustic concepts
  • Coffee break
  • Space shaping and acoustic materials
  • Coffee break
  • Case study & question time
Participant’s requirements
Basic skill of secondary school.