Dotdotdot – Works – Mudec – Rodin e la danza
Rodin e la danza
Mudec, Milano
25.10.2023 – 10.03.2024
Rodin and dance
Showcasing the tension between sculpture and movement

A scenographic exhibition design, realised for the Mudec - Museum of Cultures of Milan, in which every element contributes to enhancing and showcasing the movement inherent in Auguste Rodin's sculptures, with an emotional crescendo, in a perfect synthesis between the evanescence of dance and the concreteness of the sculptural gesture.

From inspiration to execution
The masterpiece of the exhibition is the "Mouvements de danse" series: fifteen statuettes that Auguste Rodin modeled with the technique of assemblage in terracotta, to study and capture the movement with the sculptural gesture, and for the first time exhibited in Italy.
It is precisely Rodin's process of the unfinished and “fragmentation” – which challenges the ideal of beauty to elevate it to a more radical meaning – that inspired us in defining the installation concept.
We transformed the rooms of the museum into a theatrical environment in which the light, the sound and the exhibits create a poetic dialogue with the artworks, by using fabrics and scenic backdrops as the skin and playing with full and empty spaces.
As Rodin challenges and explores the relationship between body (weight) and space (emptiness), so the exhibit stands as a body itself, where the galvanized steel skeleton is covered with a changing skin: light and solid, material and evanescent, playing between static and dynamic and the concept of solids and voids.
Dance as a combination of fabric, music, light and color
Light and soundscape composition characterize each section of the exhibition, varying in accordance with the narrative and the sections displayed.
The exhibition welcomes and immerses visitors in Rodin's passion for dance, enveloping them in moving images of dancers who inspired the artist's research: the movements of Loïe Fuller and the 19th century muse Isadora Duncan are projected onto light, evanescent fabrics.
Lights accompanies through the rooms accentuating the peculiarities of contents: it is dramatic and dark when it focus the attention on the “Mouvements de danse” series; it becomes coloured to emphasize the Khmer vitality and energy; it becomes white and diffuse to elevate the dance to an artistic work, as if we were in an art-gallery.
The sound design underlines and immerses the visitors in an imaginary and oniric world where gestures are translated into sound.
In the last section of the exhibition, visitors can interact with a video projection: their silhouettes are represented by shades in delay as if their movements were frozen in space.
A dancing interactive poster
"In order to express the movement in all its character and truth, it is important that it is the result of consecutive movements that have preceded the moment on which we focus."
A. Rodin
To confer the tension between sculpture and movement to the public, we created a special animated digital poster for the exhibition. Via a QR code, the statuette on the poster comes alive, giving life to the dance movement captured in the sculptural gesture by Auguste Rodin.
An exhibition curated by Aude Chevalier, Museo Rodin; Cristiana Natali, Università di Bologna; Elena Cervellati, Università di Bologna.
Exhibition Design, Interaction Design and Visual Identity by Dotdotdot
Linear Video room 1, 2, 3 by Dotdotdot with Lucio La Pietra
Laura Dellamotta
Giovanna Gardi
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Antonio Cioppa
Giuseppe Cirillo
Nicola Ariutti
Jib Samsen
Federica Mandelli
Sara Maniscalco
DSL Studio
Video Documentation
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