Dotdotdot – Works – Engineering Showroom
Pont-Saint-Martin, Aosta

A showroom to experience brand’s history, vision and values

We have designed and “programmed” the different ambiences to illustrates corporate values such as innovation, research, internationalisation and growth, along with the showcase of the IT products and solutions.

A large table stands as a platform for navigating multimedia content and activating the projections on the scenographic curved wall, while an iPad controls and manages the features of the environment such as lights, music and the electric opaque glass that separates the spaces for a versatile use of the showroom.

Interior and Interaction Design by
Laura Dellamotta
Giovanna Gardi
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Marina Cinciripini
Giulia Ruzzenenti
Jib Ambhika Samsen
Vadim Smakhtin,
Eduard Haiman (
Photography by
Mauro Angelantoni