Aboca Experience
2020 San Sepolcro, Tuscany

Translating a brand in a compelling Corporate Experience

Aboca Experience is more than an exhibition within the museum. Instead, it is an interactive journey into the brand through its stories, values, and vision for the future.

This new wing allows visitors to explore every facet of Aboca, from the laboratory to the plant and the production process, to the entire archive of the company's cultural events.

The experience uses digital language to showcase how Aboca is woven into the fabric of society and continues to uphold the universal values of scientific research, human progress, and the importance of the environment.

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Art direction, exhibition and
Interaction Design by Dotdotdot

Console made by OpenDot

Employee photo shots by
Laura Fantacuzzi, Maxime Galati-Fourcade

Cultivation video shots
by Lucio La Pietra

Laura Dellamotta
Giovanna Gardi
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Nicola Buccioli
Martina Merigo
Nicola Ariutti
Ambhika Samsen
Davide Bonafede
Mariasilvia Poltronieri
Daniele De Pietri
Tiziano Berti
Federica Mandelli

Filippo Bamberghi