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ICPI – Istituto Centrale per il Patrimonio Immateriale
MiC – Ministero della Cultura
GeCA – Geoportale della Cultura Alimentare
We organised and re-designed the digital archive of the Italian Food Culture

We reorganise, redesign and produce the new Food Culture Geoportal (GeCA) for the Italian Central Institute for Intangible Heritage (ICPI).

45 archives and 11 databases from all over Italy have been analysed and organised to make the intangible culture accessible both to an expert audience and to the curious. A tool of learning and digital storytelling with a new visual language and an intuitive User Experience gathering more than 10,000 contents that span from recipes, products, popular festivals, places and stories of the Italian heritage.
Culture and territories
The principal tool of GeCA is the Explore page: an interactive and personalized map shows the geolocalize contents of the archives together with the single card items listed, guaranteeing a friendly navigation of complexity. A filter system allows more specific research to be made.
Database Analysis
In order to offer a better experience, an extensive work of normalization of the data and definition of information architecture has been made. Manage complexity, instead of reducing it, it has been the key to not lose richness while still having a friendly user experience.
The power of stories
The new GeCA has been provided with an articles section. Researchers, Institutions and communication professionals can work together to narrate stories around items and information coming from different archives. The single item page has been redesigned to allow a meaningful fruition both in the case of complete and sparsely populated cards, allowing the reproduction and the download of images, audio files and video.
Promoted by Istituto Centrale per il Patrimonio Immateriale - ICPI (Central Institute for Intangible Heritage), part of the Ministry of Culture
Funded by NOP Culture and Development
Project management, coordination and promotion of the project by BIA – Beni Immateriali e Archivistici
Design and development by Dotdotdot
Art direction by Alessandro Boscarino and Valerio Aprigliano
Standardisation, data import, API development and Content Management System by Fine Tuning
Laura Dellamotta
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Mirko Balducci
Antonio Garosi
Simone Bacchini
Davide Bonafede
Martina Merigo
Federica Bardelli