Dotdotdot – Works – MAAT Earth Bits
MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology Lisbon, Portugal
EDP Foundation

Data as fuel to create climate knowledge

A data-driven journey to raise a collective awareness around the climate crisis, by interacting with a CO2 mixer, animated videos, dataviz and a digital wallpaper “painted” by ESA's satellite data, allowing visitors to experience climate change from scientific evidence through their senses.

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Exhibition and interaction Design by Dotdotdot
Laura Dellamotta
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Sara Maniscalco
Federica Mandelli
Jib Ambhika Samsen
Nicola Ariutti
Daniele Ciminieri
Martina Merigo
Giuseppe Cirillo
Michele Invernizzi
Tiziano Berti
Alberto Ornaghi
Scientific partners
EDP Innovation and Sustainability
ESA (European Space Agency)
IEA (International Energy Agency)
Bronze at Design Intelligence Award 2021 – Cultural Innovation section
Photography by
Bruno Lopes and Pedro Pina
Video documentation by
MAAT, view on Youtube