Alce Nero GEA
2017 Milan Design Week, Eataly Smeraldo

The food cultivation process illustrated by an interactive Marble Machine

For the Milan Design Week 2017 we designed GEA an interactive Marble Machine to visually illustrate the stages of the process of food cultivation and transformation, from farmland to consumer.

Throughout the circuit the marbles animate elements of the landscape and send a different message every time.

This is conveyed digitally through Tweets and physically are delivered to visitors by a thermal printer integrated in the installation.

Special thanks to OpenDot
for its invaluable assistance
in realizing this project.

Cortili Photo
Thomas Foresti

Laura Dellamotta
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Tiziano Berti
Nicola Buccioli
Daniele Ciminieri
Jordi Garreta Duarte
Federica Mandelli
Ernesto Voltaggio