Edison for “999. A collection of questions about contemporary living”
2018 Triennale Design Museum, Milan

What would a house be without energy?

We designed a space animated by 128 mini-monitors suspended in the dark, illustrating the 999 questions beyond the theme of the exhibition and interpreting 64 sceneries of daily life. Pierluigi Anselmi’s floating images are accompanied by Painè Cuadrelli’s timeless music, enhancing the spatial narrative and immersive experience.

A project by Pierluigi Anselmi, Dotdotdot and Stefano Mirti,
video by Propp, Sound Design
by Painè Cuadrelli

Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Nicola Ariutti
Nicola Buccioli
Davide Bonafede

Omar Sartor
Cortili Photo