Dotdotdot – Works – Triennale Milano – Portal of Mysteries
23rd International Exhibition “Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries”
Triennale Milano, Italy
15.07.2022 – 11.12.2022
XXIII Triennale Milano – Portal of Mysteries
We designed a stargate as the introduction to Mysteries to open the 23rd Triennale

Together with philosopher Emanuele Coccia we present a special commission on the topic of Mystery to introduce the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano to offer a vantage point from which to approach the constellations of projects within “Unknown unknowns. An introduction to Mysteries”.

We designed a stargate for the entrance hall that stands as narrative threshold to physically and metaphorically step into the topic of the unknown with curiosity and excitement.

The 10mt long animated video is characterised by an extraterrestrial voice and a lysergic imagery, where art pieces flow all around 18 monitors placed in a circle: a portal that once crossed frames a perspective from which to experience the whole exhibition, inviting visitors to actively enter the discourse.

The stargate
Inspired by the visual identity of the 23rd International Exhibition characterised by void delineated by a sliver of bright colors, we designed a circular portal that evokes the halo, the thin line responsible of life on Earth. Halo is life and light. Stepping into the stargate is a transfer to a new conscious dimension towards the unknown. An invitation to explore the International Exhibition not in search of answers, but being seduced by mysteries and imagining what is not there, facing it with curiosity.
“An alien child discovers a meteorite fallen from the sky that is capable of transforming all aspects of reality human beings, black holes, plants and all the artefacts designed by man. The unknown we do not know we do not know is the planet itself, the planet that constitutes the material of our bodies and of every object we use. The Earth is the designer and maker of all the forms that inhabit the cosmos.”
Emanuele Coccia
Emanuele Coccia, Portal of Mysteries,
Special commission for the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano
Artistic direction by Emanuele Coccia
Video installation by Dotdotdot
Sound Design by Dotdotdot
Illustration and animation by propp
Laura Dellamotta
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Federica Mandelli
Sara Maniscalco
Nicola Ariutti
Photography by
DSL Studio
Video documentation by
Variante Artistica, view on Vimeo