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Fondazione Luigi Rovati
Fondazione Luigi Rovati Art Museum
2019 – 2022

Fondazione Luigi Rovati Museum
A new system for a data-driven museum experience

The Fondazione Luigi Rovati’s ambition is to create a museum with a strong innovative factor: capable to respond to the growing needs of an increasingly demanding and varied public, and to manage and coordinate in a simple and intuitive way various exhibition-related services.

Born from an idea of Fondazione Luigi Rovati and designed and developed by Dotdotdot, the platform offers a new museum experience system where data, technology and design provide an innovative User Experience, both for the visitor and the staff.

The Digital User Experience and the Digital Governance works together thanks to a systemic and integrated approach: a location-based audio guide offers a seamless innovative experience to the visitors, while an interconnected back-office system and a technological infrastructure help the museum to monitor and innovate its offer.

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Let the information came to me
When the visitor enters a room or a specific area in the museum, the main audio track is automatically activated and broadcasted on the audio guide connected with a technological infrastructure of beacons installed in the room. The app is developed in the form of an app that can be used both on the Museum's own devices or as a downloadable app based on the principle of “Bring Your Own Device”. No interaction is needed, nor typing numbers or scanning QR codes. To access a further level of detail, users can bring their phones closer to sensitive points to activate specific contents, and yet browse additional contents through the app interface, such as photos, maps, in-depths etc.
Your visit always with you
The app offers multiple services that cover the overall visit experience: buying the tickets, finding live information about the museum or having access to the shop. In the near future, the app will also be able to send visitors a detailed visit report, including the content activated during the visit.
The power of interconnection
The back-office system offers numerous features, such as a CMS to autonomously manage the guide contents and a dashboard to aggregate and analyse anonymous data about visitors flows or entries: the time spent in a room, the number of people in each area of the museum, the audio contents heard – as well as a specific section to monitor through beacons the temperature and humidity of the show cases. The platform also provides an API integration through which is possible to interchange data with other softwares, like ticketing systems. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure allows the integration of customised accessibility features for people with particular need, disabilities or fragility, so to provide an integrated and fluid experience for all.
In order to make this experience possible, we worked with Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA), the IT team of the Foundation and Goppion – the worldwide leader in display cases manufacturing. An accurate set-up of the beacons allowed the experience to be successful and specific solutions had to be designed custom in order to install the hardware in the infrastructure and in the display cases, especially for the hypogeum floor.
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web and application development
  • Interaction Design
  • UX-UI
  • Information Design
Digital User Experience Design by Dotdotdot
Architecture by MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects
Display cases by Goppion
Laura Dellamotta
Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Nicola Buccioli
Mirko Balducci
Mariasilvia Poltronieri
Michele Invernizzi
Federica Bardelli
Ernesto Voltaggio
Daniele Ciminieri
Simone Bacchini
Davide Bonafede
Gold at iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 – Service Design section
Selected by the ADI Design Index 2023 – Service Design section
Delfino Sisto Legnani
Silvia Gherra