Dotdotdot – CONNECTION – Material driven design for exhibition
CONNECTION advanced training
Lecture in Material driven design for exhibition with Aart Van Bezooijen

07 June 2024 - Dotdotdot
Material driven design for exhibition with Aart Van Bezooijen
Objectives of the training
Participants will learn about:
  • Overview of materials and sustainability
  • Circular design and reuse of materials
  • Bio-based materials and renewable resources
  • Update on sustainable developments (including material samples)
  • Opportunities for material-driven design in exhibition design
  • Exercise: Ideation on (future) application possibilities
Aart van Bezooijen is a Dutch industrial designer with an obsession for materials. He established a collection of materials for teaching and research at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle (DE) and currently works as a Professor of Material Driven Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolano (IT).

He is a board member of the Competence Centre for Sustainability and the university’s BITZ Fablab. He is also an active collaborator within the New European Bauhaus of the Mountains initiative.

As designer-researcher he explores how a new relationship with materials can help us to (re)think, create and contribute to more sustainable futures. Material Stories is the focus of Aart’s joint activities with Paula Raché involving collaborative exhibitions, publications and interdisciplinary workshops.
Format: Lecture
4 hours lecture.
Short description of the topic
Materials are key ingredients in moving ourselves towards a more sustainable and just society. A closer look at where our stuff comes from, how resources are extracted, processed, transported, used and eventually reused or recycled allows us to get a better grip on the world we made. A material driven design approach helps artists and designers to explore and define where and how to make a difference. In short, the best way to change our future is to actually (re)make it.
Format (date, time, duration)
  • Friday 07.06.2024
  • Duration: 4 hrs (14h30-18h30)
Program breakdown
  • 14h30–15h30: Materials Lecture
  • 15h30–16h15: Samples and Demonstrations
  • 16h15–16h45: Coffee Break
  • 16h45–18h00: Ideation Session
  • 18h00-18h30: Wrap up
  • 18h30: Aperitivo