Venchi Chocolate Experience
2017 Fico Eataly, Bologna

Venchi interactive pavilion shows the emotions behind chocolate

We designed a tasting experience by using Artificial Intelligence with the purpose to investigate and measure the emotional effects that chocolate has on people.

Together with Carlo Ratti Associati we created an augmented pavilion where visitors could taste different kind of Venchi chocolate pralines.

Dataviz with animated archetypical faces fluttering in the space gave back the emotions recorded in the tasting experience.

A project by Carlo Ratti
Associati for Venchi Interaction
Design by Dotdotdot

Alessandro Masserdotti
Fabrizio Pignoloni
Daniele Ciminieri
‍‍Jordi Garreta Duarte
Jib Ambhika Samsen
‍‍Ernesto Voltaggio
Toby Knyvett

Daniele Iodice